The authors are convinced that the Climate Crisis can be reversed if we know the facts and change the way we act and consume, thinking globally and acting locally.
We know that this is also a moral and human rights crisis, so we need a response that is adequate in size to the crisis. This necessarily means involving our governments to bring about change. So, we must act to build a society that is more just for all in the way we generate clean energy, use transportation and live in our cities, and this will enable us to save all life on the planet.

The FACTS and ACTIONS we propose are the product of our inquiries, learning and experiences acquired over several decades in different countries and cities of the world, and now in Houston and San Francisco (USA) and Monterrey (Mexico).
Our message is spreading in Mexico through responsible companies and institutions concerned about the future of mankind. Similarly, it has crossed borders thanks to supporters from different parts of the world. Now it is displayed in English, French, Portuguese, Italian, Greek, Esperanto, Catalan and Chinese. It will soon be available in other languages. Currently, we reach the hearts and minds of more than 20 thousand people … and this number continues to grow.
In the same way, we feel committed to acting and sharing what we have learned in terms of how to contain the climate emergency we are currently experiencing, and we hope that everyone will do the same. For the benefit of all.
Lydia P. Vignau and José A. Cárdenas


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